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Case Study: Working with the International Energy Agency

BDO plantDeveloping a thriving biorefinering sector is vital to our future low carbon ambitions. That is why we are working closely with international partners to develop a common classification for biorefineries and promote integration of bioenergy supply chains through their use.


NNFCC are the UK representative on the International Energy Agency Bioenergy Task 42 group on biorefineries, where we help address the worldwide position and potential for biorefineries.

The group gathers new insights on the socially and environmentally acceptable, and economically profitable, production of human food, animal feed, chemicals, materials, fuels, power and/or heat from biomass.


With Bioenergy Task 42 we have helped develop a standard classification of a biorefinery. The approach developed relies on four main features: platforms, products, feedstocks and processes.

The platforms are the most important feature in this classification approach: they are key intermediates between raw materials and final products, and can be used to link different biorefinery concepts.

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