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Case Study: Providing Market Intelligence

Oilseed rape

Reliable and comprehensive data on biomass availability is difficult to find but vital to so many organisations.

NNFCC maintain a comprehensive database of existing and planned biomass facilities in the UK. This includes information on feedstock usage and capacities.

This information enables us to provide organisations and businesses with market intelligence so they stay up to date with the current levels of renewable energy deployment.


Our information comes from a wide range range of sources, including our interactions with the industry.


NNFCC help produce and disseminate reliable market data and statistics to a range of stakeholders engaged in the crops, wood and waste sectors. This includes the UK Government Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

NNFCC help Defra in the development of their experimental statistics on the area of energy and fuel crops grown in the UK.

Key results from their latest statistical release are:

  • 75,000 hectares (ha) of wheat grown for UK ethanol production (2011)
  • 14,000 ha of sugar beet grown for UK ethanol production (2011)
  • 8,000 ha of oilseed rape grown for UK biodiesel production (2011)
  • 59,000 ha of straw grown for UK energy production (2011)
  • 9,000 ha of Miscanthus grown for UK energy production (2011, England only)
  • 3,000 ha of short rotation coppice grown for UK energy production (2011, England only)

For more information on non-food crop areas read the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) Experimental Statistics.

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