About our projects

We work on many projects, most are covered by confidentiality but we also work on public projects aiming to drive forward the bioeconomy. Click to see recent projects or read below for a selection of our current projects and find out how they could help your company. You can also read about completed projects in the case studies on our Expertise page.


NNFCC are lead partners in AgroCycle, a 3-year Horizon 2020-funded project. AgroCycle’s main aim is to achieve a 10% increase in the recycling and valorisation of agricultural waste by 2020. The project will further develop, demonstrate and validate novel processes, practices and products for the sustainable use of agricultural waste, co-products and by-products (AWCB).


The BioBase4SME project (INTERREG NWE) offers training, innovation bootcamps and innovation vouchers up to €100.000. The support is aimed at start-ups and SMEs for delivering proof of concept of bio-based technologies, and for the development and roll-out of effective business plans. The support consist of scale-up to pilot scale, Life Cycle Assessment, techno-economic evaluation, market research, feedstock analysis, social acceptance, business planning and business plan support.

Industrial Biotechnology Catalyst

The IB Catalyst supports research and development into the processing and production of materials, chemicals (including pharmaceuticals) and bioenergy


SuperBIO is an innovation project supported through the EU Horizon2020 funding programme. The €3.8 million project supports the development of promising industrial value chains in the bioeconomy. The project provides 10 different types of innovation services to third party SMEs which are funded by the project for 75%. As such, it brings these value chains closer to reality.