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NNFCC Newsletter – Issue 16. Understanding Bio-based Content

In NNFCC's sixteenth Newsletter we address the question 'what does bio-based actually mean?'

Author NNFCC
Published 24 Feb 2010
Industry Biobased Products
Download   NNFCC Newsletter – Issue 16. Understanding Bio-based Content (PDF, 613 kB)
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Bio-based materials have great potential to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, to grow the low-carbon economy and to put the UK at the forefront of new enterprise.

However, this potential won’t be easily realised while people are still asking ‘what does bio-based actually mean?’ In this newsletter we look at:

  • The environmental benefits of biobased content
  • The development of a standard test method for bio-based content, which will bring confidence to the biorenewables market
  • How a material can be 100 per cent bio-based, but non-biodegradable
  • How sustainability isn’t just about renewable carbon, it’s about valuing every carbon atom
  • How recycling bio-based products improves their environmental impact even further

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