Dr Paula McNamee

Paula McNamee is a Consultant at the NNFCC. She has worked on a variety of projects for commercial, public and government clients spanning all sectors of the bioeconomy. These have ranged from the development of sustainability strategies to conducting techno-economic analyses.

Before joining NNFCC, Paula completed her PhD at the University of Leeds in the field of bioenergy. She investigated the impact of biomass pre-treatment processes (torrefaction) on fuel and combustion properties. She also investigated the impact of torrefaction on life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions in the bioenergy supply chain. 

Paula also holds an MSc in Geochemistry and an MSc in Low Carbon Technologies as well as a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry. ​

Recent Projects 

Life-cycle assessment study on the greenhouse gas emissions associated with bioenergy (ongoing)

Paula is a key contributor to NNFCC's input into this collaborative project for the Energy Technologies Institute. ​The project aims to understand the greenhouse gas emissions associated with bioenergy.

A study on the consumer use, disposal and end of life systems of single-serve coffee capsules towards the development of sustainability strategy. (2016)

This project investigated the limited recyclability of single-serve coffee capsule by analysing the consumer behaviour, disposal and end-of-life fates of current capsules across Europe. This project was commissioned to the NNFCC by a large, multi-national brand owner in the development of their single-serve sustainability strategy.

Alternative crop options for Jersey (2016)

Paula was a key contributor to this follow-on project commissioned by the State of Jersey to investigate alternative food and non-food crops to be grown on the island. 


Selected publications