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Farm-Scale Anaerobic Digestion Plant Efficiency, NNFCC 11-015

This thirty-five page report examines the value of using crop material in anaerobic digestion (AD), both in terms of the economic and energetic value.

Author Lucy Hopwood, NNFCC
Published 05 May 2011
Industry Bioenergy Feedstocks
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The economic modelling has been carried out using the NNFCC's Calculator, developed by The Andersons Centre.

The tool has not been used to determine capital costs and project viability as this is dependent on site specific factors relating to scale, access and existing infrastructure.

Capital costs have been estimated based on stakeholder engagement, understanding and involvement in current projects and previously documented evidence.

More information, please contact:

Lucy Hopwood
Lead Consultant – Bioenergy & Anaerobic Digestion
Tel:+44 (0)1904 435182

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