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Potential for BioSNG Production in the UK, NNFCC 10-008

This detailed sixty-two page report examines the potential for bioSNG production and use in the UK.

Author E4tech
Published 06 Jul 2010
Industry Biorefining Bioenergy
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This study examines the potential of bioSNG routes in the UK, in terms of the techno-economic feasibility, air quality benefits, market potential, and drivers for and barriers to bioSNG production and use.

Given the policy targets for 2020, the report focuses on technologies and feedstocks that could be used within this timeframe, based on existing bioSNG technology developments, rather than research at an earlier stage.

The study concludes that in the long term, bioSNG could be an economically attractive option for providing low carbon heat in the domestic sector, compared with direct use of biomass, or electric heating, making use of existing infrastructure and end-use equipment.

Whilst it is not the lowest cost option when compared with direct use of biomass in the commercial and industrial sectors, it would also result in their decarbonisation where direct use of biomass is not possible, for example as a result of space or air quality constraints.

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