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The Biorefinery Opportunity - A North East England view, NNFCC 08-001

This thirty-eight page report looks at the opportunities for the development of a renewable raw material based process industry in North East England.

Author Chemistry Innovation; Bioscience for Business; NNFCC; Trends Business Research
Published 28 Jul 2008
Industry Biorefining
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The growth of interest and investment in biomass based processes to produce value added chemicals & fuels led the Regional Development Agency in North East England to seek to understand how it could react to the opportunity.

With the extensive process industry base in the region, represented by its active cluster organisation North East Process Industry Cluster (NEPIC) and with the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) - the national centre of excellence in process manufacture - situated in the region the agency decided to look at how an integrated complex might develop alongside the existing process plants and what opportunities could exist for linking the new processes with the existing largely petrochemical based operations.

In addition the UK push to develop a biofuels industry has led to significant investment in the region in so called first generation Biodiesel and now Bio-ethanol plants as well as in renewably fuelled power generation. These provide a basis for further development of this very significant business sector in North East England.

With the assistance of the Chemistry Innovation Knowledge Transfer Network (CIKTN) and its partners the National Non-Food Crops Centre, the Bioscience for Business KTN and Trends Business Research (TBR) this review and report has been prepared to provide the basis for further development of a renewable raw material based chemical & process industry in the region. Whilst the precise route to this future remains uncertain the region has the objective of becoming one of the best places to invest in biomass based processes for the development of industrial biotechnology.

The opportunity clearly exists and this report provides recommendations for North East England its industry cluster NEPIC and CPI - with other partners across the UK - to consider in developing the biorefinery concept over the next five to ten years.

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