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The Promotion of Non-Food Crops

This detailed ninty-page study for the European Parliament Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development looks at the market for non-food crops in Europe.

Author L Hopwood, M Smallwood, D Williams, NNFCC
Published 30 Nov 2005
Industry Feedstocks
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This report attempts to chart the nature and extent of non-food uses of crops in the enlarged European Union and to examine how the sector can be promoted.

Major factors impacting on development of non-food uses of crops are addressed, including: international trade and environmental agreements, European policy, enlargement, competitiveness, market considerations and technology.

The current non-food applications of crops are reviewed and likely developments up to 2010 are discussed. This is followed by a critical evaluation of outcomes that have been predicted from adoption of non-food uses of crops, including environmental benefits and impacts on consumer prices and farm incomes.

The report concludes by reviewing the incentives that are in place across the EU and in member states to support development of non-food crops.

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