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As the AD industry has faced uncertainty and continuous tariff reductions in recent years, the focus for developers has been to build as quickly as possible to beat deadlines, and to secure as much support as possible for as long as possible, without really thinking about building the plant best-suited to their needs or aspirations.

NNFCC have joined forces with Amur, part of AB Agri, the UKs leading nutrition company and co-products supplier, to provide this “Healthcheck” service.

A “Healthcheck” will entail a site visit from an expert from both organisations, followed by a period of analysis and consideration, before reporting back with recommendations quantified in extra revenue terms. This will allow operators to assess the health of their facility, not only in biological terms but most importantly in financial terms. The service is very competitively priced and will provide a rapid and clearly quantifiable return on investment, without the need for additional capital outlay.

For operators who have secured lower than ideal tariffs in recent years, feeling something is better than nothing, or for those facing the decision of whether to accredit now or wait for promised changes, the “Healthcheck” could make the difference between success and failure.

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