UK AD & World Biogas Expo 2018

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Birmingham, UK

UK AD & World Biogas Expo 2018

UK AD and World Biogas Expo, the largest international trade show dedicated solely to the anaerobic digestion and biogas industry, returns in 2018 to provide the latest market and technology news, sector by sector, as well as a platform for industry professionals from the UK and overseas to network, share experiences and do business.

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a rapidly-expanding sector, with the potential to become a £1 trillion global industry making a significant contribution to the development of a green, circular economy. AD plays a critical part in meeting nine of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, providing solutions applicable to agriculture, urbanisation, waste and water management, transport and energy generation.  This creates exceptional opportunities for the AD market to grow, both in the UK and abroad.

UK AD and World Biogas Expo 2018 is unique in bringing together an international gathering of new and existing players in this game-changing sector.  Over two full days, it will provide a dynamic platform for them to engage with each other.