ADBA National Conference

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London, UK

ADBA National Conference

ADBA’s flagship event returns, PHYSICALLY, on 14 December 2021. 

The government is subsidising gas companies to keep the lights on and fertiliser companies to produce CO2 to keep food on the shelves. AD and biogas could deliver both while also delivering on the UK’s recent commitment to the EU-US-led Global Methane Pledge, which seeks to deliver a 30% cut in methane emissions by 2030.

AD is the ready-to-go, low-cost technology that can deliver:

  • Gas Security, at its full potential AD can deliver 25% of the UK’s domestic gas demand
  • CO2 Security, at its full potential AD can deliver more than 100% of the UK’s CO2 demand
  • Climate Security, at its full potential AD can deliver a 6% cut in the UK’s GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions.

As ADBA has long campaigned: There is no net zero without biogas. Curbing methane emissions from human activity by 2030 has been accepted as the fast-track to delivering the Paris Agreement. Treating organic wastes through AD curbs methane emissions across agriculture, food manufacturing and food waste, and wastewater treatment.

That is what makes this year’s ADBA National Conference so pivotal, addressing the barriers to growth of the AD industry as we enter a new era of waste management. The conference will discuss how we can rapidly optimise the industry to reduce emissions over what President of COP 26 Alok Sharma has dubbed the ‘decade of delivery’.

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