European Biosolids & Bioresources Conference

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24/11/2020 - 25/11/2020


European Biosolids & Bioresources Conference

Celebrating it’s 25th year, this industry-leading conference provides an essential annual update on the latest innovations, best practice, cutting-edge technology and research in the wastewater and resource management industries.

Now that AMP7 is underway, the UK water industry is striving to meet Ofwat’s challenging final determinations, which will require it to do more with less: reducing customers’ bills whilst meeting tighter environmental constraints.

With £200million being made available to stimulate innovation, we can expect to see a renewed focus on sludge processing and associated value chains – but we may also see a slew of initiatives prompted by COVID-19. What opportunities might there be to increase remote operability or to set up a future pandemic early warning system through strategic sludge testing?

Alongside these operational challenges, the Environment Agency is taking a close look at regulation of both treatment and land application of biosolids – which could provide clarity around co-processing, even if compliance costs continue to impose a significant economic barrier. It remains to be seen whether closer regulatory alignment between the sludge and biowaste sectors leads to meaningful cross-sector collaboration on thorny issues such as microplastics.

These topics and more will be addressed at the 2020 European Biosolids and Bioresources’ conference in Newcastle.