Innovation in Sustainable Fuel Webinars: Part 4 - Sustainable Aviation Fuel

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Innovation in Sustainable Fuels Webinar Series: Part 4 - Sustainable Aviation Fuel


Meeting net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 requires a paradigm shift in the way energy is used to transport people, goods and services. The next decade is a critically important period for accelerating greenhouse gas emission reduction, requiring a range of innovative technological and fuel solutions to be brought to market and adopted.
Zemo Partnership and the Renewable Transport Fuel Association are hosting four webinars exploring the role of advanced renewable fuels in decarbonising road and aviation sectors with industry experts.


Part 4: Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Session Chair - Leigh Hudson, Environmental Manager, British Airways

1. Building the UK Sustainable Aviation Fuel Supply Chain - Michelle Carter, Head of Transport, KTN

2. The Altalto Project - Neville Hargreaves, Vice-President, Velocys

3. Alcohol to Jet Pathways and Projects - Freya Burton, Chief Sustainability & People Officer, Lanzatech

4. The Fulcrum Northpoint Project - Jeff Ovens, Managing Director, Fulcrum BioEnergy​