BioBase4SME: Last Chance for Support

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The final deadline for BioBase4SME support is 31st October 2018.

The innovation support project, BioBase4SME, is coming to an end and we still have coupons available. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) based in North West Europe (including the UK) operating in the bioeconomy are eligible. The final deadline for application is the 31st of October 2018.

The coupons offer access to services including scale-up of biobased processes (provided by Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant in Ghent, Belgium) and advice related to markets and regulations for new biobased products and processes (provided by ourselves at NNFCC).

The coupons are partially funded by Interreg North West Europe and the remaining cost must be paid by the SME. The funding is between 50 and 100%, depending on the service, and the value of the coupon can be anything from a few thousand to 100,000 EUR (around 90,000 GBP), depending on the size of the work.

The full list of services can be found below or on the project website, Get in touch with our bioinnovation agent, Lucy Montgomery, at to learn how you could benefit from the coupons.

TECHNICAL SERVICES that can be accessed using a BioBase4SME INNOVATION COUPON:

  • SCALE-UP SERVICES by Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (Ghent, BE)
    • Wide and flexible spectrum of modular unit operations combined with a team of highly trained and experienced engineers and operators facilitates the translation of lab processes into viable industrial processes.
  • APPLICATION TESTING facilitated by REWIN (Breda, NL)
    • Offered via five application centres: BAC Biopolymer Application Center, KlAC Colorants Application Center, NAC (Natural Fibers Application Center), Rusthoeve Biobased Innovation Garden and Biorizon Lignin Application Center.
    • In addition to pilot trials with anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis, biomass testing and compositional analysis are now also available.

NON-TECHNICAL SERVICES that can be accessed using a BioBase4SME INNOVATION COUPON:

    • We answer a range of business questions, particularly related to markets and regulations for biobased products, for example information on market size, segmentation, geographical distribution and key stakeholders.
  • LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENT (LCA) by Materia Nova (Mons, BE)
    • Wide range of life cycle thinking services for SMEs, from eco-design coaching with limited scope to a cradle-to-grave complete LCA comparing your biobased product with benchmark.
  • SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE by AC3A (Atlantic Area, FR)
    • Many companies implementing emerging technologies encounter barriers or objections from consumers or local stakeholders extending way beyond the SME’s customer base. AC3A offers 'social acceptance' training to SMEs.

For more information:

Get in touch with to learn how you could benefit from the coupons. University spin-outs welcome!

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