Brand Perspectives on Biomaterials

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Our partners Sustainability Consult have released a survey on bio-based products, to encourage uptake of biomaterials in leading brands.


To measure awareness and understanding of the biomaterials sector among leading brands, Sustainability Consult is inviting retailers and manufacturers to share their views on market trends, barriers and opportunities for bio-based products.

Their first-ever survey on brand perceptions will help evaluate the market for biomaterials in the coming years. Responses will help the biomaterials sector tailor their outreach to better support the uptake of environmentally-friendly products.

The survey has a maximum of 13 multiple choice questions and takes only a few minutes to complete. The deadline for completing the survey is 22 April 2017. All personal information will be kept confidential.  

Why take part?

  • Steer the development of the low-carbon economy
  • Help companies in the biomaterials sector better understand your supply chain and sustainability needs
  • Receive the latest market data on the biomaterials sector
  • See how your company compares to industry peers

Click Here to take the Survey


Full details can be found on the Sustainability Consult Website.



For more information:

NNFCC and Sustainability Consult partnership 

Sustainability Consult and NNFCC work in partnership to offer new integrated consultancy services to the biobased industries. By complementing Sustainability Consult’s credible communications with NNFCC’s market intelligence, we are building the services needed to mainstream the adoption of biomaterials as an alternative to fossil-based products. Read more about the partnership here.


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