Press Release: NNFCC partners in new €3.8 million SuperBIO project to support industrial innovation

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SuperBIO is a €3.8 million Horizon 2020 project, to support the development of promising industrial value chains in the bioeconomy.


SuperBIO is an innovation project supported through the EU Horizon2020 funding programme. The €3.8 million project supports the development of promising industrial value chains in the bioeconomy. It therefore engages with the EU bio-based business community. The project provides 10 different types of innovation services to third party SMEs which are funded by the project for 75%. As such, it brings these value chains closer to reality. The SuperBIO consortium includes four industrial cluster organisations, and six service providers including NNFCC.

A flourishing innovative bioeconomy offers multiple advantages for the EU in the global economy. To further innovate in the EU bioeconomy, new partnerships and connections need to be established between different sectors (e.g. between chemistry and agriculture, between producers and end-users). SuperBIO helps to build these connections by engaging with the wider bio-based business community. It supports cross sectorial and cross border industrial value chain building and provides innovation support services to SMEs. 

NNFCC's Role

NNFCC will act as an SME intermediary, drawing on its network to identify value chains stakeholders to build value chains. It will also act as an innovation service provider undertaking sustainability assessment, market research, technology appraisal and business plan reviews.

Do you have an idea for an innovative value chain?

Industrial stakeholders are invited to submit their idea for an innovative value chain to the SuperBIO project. The consortium ensures that their information will be treated confidential throughout the process. The combined expertise in the bio-based economy and skills of the consortium enable them to identify promising ideas for new innovative value chains. SuperBIO then supports cross sectorial and cross border development of the value chain of the selected ideas. Once a value chain is created SuperBIO analyzes the gaps to be filled and further requirements to bring this value chain closer to the market. 

Based on this, SuperBIO offers selected innovation services to SMEs that are part of the value chain. Six services providers are included in the consortium offering a combined set of 10 different professional innovation services: scale-up and proof-of-concept, IP support, life cycle assessment, techno-economic evaluation, feedstock analysis, market research, sustainability advice, business planning, access to investors and grant writing. These services are funded by the project for 75%, the remaining 25% being covered by the SME receiving the service.

In short, SuperBIO offers a unique opportunity to bring innovative, sustainable, cross border and cross sectorial value chains closer to the market. The SuperBIO project aims to build at least 10 new value chains around innovative and promising ideas from the business community. In addition, SuperBIO will offer innovation services to at least 30 third party SMEs that are part of identified value chains.
More Information

For more information:

For more information regarding the SuperBIO project and the scope of its innovation services, contact Lucie Pfaltzgraff +44 (0)1904435182 or the project manager / cluster organisation that covers your country, or visit our website:

Notes to editors

1. The SuperBIO cluster organisations are:

From Belgium:

Ghent Bio-Economy Valley, Ghent, Belgium,•Project manager: Mr Stefan Ruyters – - Tel.: +32 (0)93357001•EU coverage: Belgium, The Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Turkey 

From France:

INRA Toulouse White Biotechnology, Toulouse, France, •Mr Olivier Galy – – Tel.: +33 (0)561285791
•EU coverage: France, Luxembourg, Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Switzerland, Tunisia

From Spain:

Fundación Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía, Seville, Spain,
•Mrs Gloria de la Viña Nieto – – Tel.: +34 (0)954461352
•Mrs María García Alegre – – Tel.: +34 (0)954461352
•Mrs Beatriz Colado (Press Officer) –
•EU coverage: Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Israel

From Poland:

Lodz University of Technology, Polish Technology Platform of Bioeconomy, Lodz, Poland,
•Mr Stanisław Bielecki – - Tel.: +48 426313430
•Mrs Beata Kolesinska – – Tel.: + 48 426313149
•Mrs Ewa Gromek – – Tel.: +48 426313893
•EU coverage: Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia

2. The SuperBIO partners providing innovation service are:

From Belgium:

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, Ghent, Belgium, 
•Mrs Lieve Hoflack – – Tel.: +32 (0)9 3357001
•Mr Brecht Vanlerberghe – – Tel.: +32 (0)93357001
Biotechsubsidy, Aalter, Belgium,
•Mr Marc Van de Craen – – Tel.: +32 (0)93246920
•Mrs Evelien De Clercq – – Tel.: +32 (0)93246920 

From Germany:   

nova Institut, Hürth, Germany,
•Mr Michael Carus – – Tel.: +49 (0)2233481440
•Ms Linda Engel – – Tel.: +49 (0)2233481458
BCNP Consultants, Frankfurt am Main, Germany,
•Mr Tobias Kirchhoff – – Tel.: +49 (0)22195439741

From UK:

The National Non-Food Crop Centre, York, UK, 
•Lucie Pfaltzgraff +44 (0)1904435182
•Mr Adrian Higson – +44 (0)1904435182 
Gill Jennings & Every LLP, London, UK,
•Mr John Jappy – – Tel.: +44 (0)2076558500
•Mrs Sarah Klaczynska – – Tel.: +44 (0)2076558562

3. Horizon 2020 European Union Funding for Research&Innovation

The SuperBIO project is supported by Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation as an innovation action (691555-2) under Innosup call Cluster facilitated projects for new value chains 2015-01: .

4. SuperBIO Project Office:

 The SuperBIO project is coordinated by Ghent Bio-Economy Valley (Ghent, Belgium). For more information, comment or interview requests about SuperBIO, please contact:

• Stefan Ruyters, Project manager:; Tel: +32 93357001

•  Anneleen De Vriendt, Administrative Contact:; Tel: +32 92646226