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Anaerobic Digestion Factsheet (June 2016)

Category: bioenergy,nnfcc
Published: 15/09/2016
Author: NNFCC
We have produced a factsheet to help you understand the Anaerobic Digestion (AD) sector; the technology, policy, feedstock, and economics.

The AD industry has grown from a nascent energy sector to an established industry in the UK over the past ten years. There are now over 316 AD plants in the UK, outside the water industry.

Anaerobic Digestion is the process where plant and animal material (biomass) is converted into useful products by micro-organisms in the absence of air. This biomass can be unwanted wastes and residues, such as slurry or leftover food, or crops grown specifically for feeding the digester. The outputs from the digestion process are biogas, which is converted into energy, and digestate.

To find out more, download the factsheet (updated June 2016).

NNFCC collate data on AD projects to produce a comprehensive market report on AD Deployment in the UK and run the Official AD Information Portal. We also offer business support and sustainability analysis, through our AD Business Support Package and our Biogas & Biomethane Carbon Calculator.

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