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NNFCC News Review: Biobased Products Issue 72, March 2018

Category: biobased,biorefining
Published: 08/03/2018
Author: NNFCC
Each month we review the latest news and select key announcements and commentary from across the biobased products sector.


Around this time last year, we reported on a story that had a pleasant circularity to it: SYNlawn’s announcement of their artificial grass made from plastic derived from sugarcane. This was, in effect, artificial grass made from real grass, which was an innovation that amused us in-house.
It would appear that said amusement is to repeat itself, as this month brings the announcement from LEGO of its first biobased components: plants. All of the toy brand’s plant-shaped building blocks are set to be made from biobased polyethylene from 2018, once again, in effect, making plants from plants. This is part of LEGO’s ambition for widespread use of sustainable materials by 2030, and with continuing development of biobased plastics, and the amount of R&D investment they’re making into such materials, they won’t be short of options for the rest of their products........

Other News this Month Includes:


  • European Commission seeks to update Bioeconomy Action Plan
  • New EU recycling rules agreed


  • BioAmber offers common stock to public​

Research & Development

  • Paper seeks to solve E. coli isoprenoid problem


  • UPM releases plant-based PE film
  • Middle-East's first bio-nylon plant planned
  • OK Compost passes into new hands
  • Discussion of new EU biodegradable mulch-film standard
  • Construction begins on Parma PHA plant
  • Partnership to seek biobased plastic additives​


  • Stora Enso releases lignin alternative to fossil-phenols
  • Rotterdam plant to produce methanol from waste
  • New company founded to produce algal omega-3 fatty acids
  • New process improves efficiency of biobased MEG production​

Consumer Products

  • New LEGO plants to be made from… plants
  • Biobased Tetra-Pak delivery passes half-billion mark
  • Evonik to debut biobased children's glasses
  • Amyris and NIKKOL release pharmaceutical-grade biobased squalane​



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