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NNFCC News Review: Biobased Products, Issue 56, November 2016

Category: biobased,biorefining,nnfcc
Published: 07/11/2016
Author: NNFCC
Each month we review the latest news and select key announcements and commentary from across the biobased products sector.


Polyethylene terephthalate, aka PET, is one of the most widely used polymers in the world, found in many an item from the carpets under our feet to the bottles holding our drinks.  Historically, the PET polymer resin has been produced from fossil-derived raw materials (i.e. crude oil and natural gas) however the market for bio-based PET has increased in recent years. Familiar items which contain bio-based PET include Coca-Cola’s ‘Plant-Bottle’ ........


Other news this month includes;


  • USDA Report Shows Growing Biobased Products Industry Contributes $393 Billion and 4.2 Million Jobs to American Economy

Research & Development

  • Amyris and Autodesk Offer Powerful Open Source Tools for Genetic Design to Enable Rapid DNA Engineering
  • Polyamides from a waste stream of the wood industry
  • NCBiotech awarded grant for sorghum initiative
  • ORNL researchers unravel the science behind biomass breakdown


  • Strategic Consortium Announced to Commercialize Virent’s BioForming Technology for Low Carbon Fuels and Bio-Paraxylene
  • Oleochemicals Market to Reach $30 Million by 2024
  • Anellotech Begins Commissioning of TCat-8® R&D Unit Raises Funds, Announces Form D Filing for $1.5 Million Equity Investment from a New Strategic Investor
  • Amyris Expands in Global Nutraceuticals Market with New Collaboration and Partner Funding of $30 Million
  • Green Biologics Selects Caldic as its EU Distribution Partner
  • Bio-based Propylene Glycol Market Analysis, Prediction to 2020 by Region, Type, Applications and Technology
  • Global Green/Bio-Based Solvents Market 2016
  • Bio-based Lubricants Market to reach $2,799 Million by 2022


  • Corbion discusses feedstock sourcing, announces new brand name
  • Synvina: Joint venture of BASF and Avantium established


  • Xinhuarun and Reverdia Partner to Develop Microcellular Foam Shoe Soles
  • Novamont opens plant for production of biobased 1,4-butanediol
  • Global Bioenergies, Clariant produce isobutene from wheat straw

Consumer Applications

  • BioBTX technology successfully yields 100% bio-based PET
  • New biodegradable blends developed for thinner compostable films
  • Natur-TEc and Natureworks launch new technology platform for performance compostable servicewear


  • Biodegradable microwave electronic devices   
  • Epoxy resin derived from vanillin and thermosets therefrom
  • Polyisoidide furanoate thermoplastic polyesters and copolyesters and a use thereof in hot fill packaging
  • Methods for the production of aromatic dicarboxylic acids and derivatives thereof
  • Method for preparing biobased homoserine lactone hydrochloride and biobased organic acid from microorganism-derived O-acyl homoserine
  • Process for making methacrylic acid


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