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NNFCC News Review: Bioenergy Issue 70, January 2018

Category: bioenergy
Published: 23/01/2018
Author: NNFCC
Each month we review the latest news and select key announcements and commentary from across the bioenergy sector.


The big news in the energy sector this month has been the announcement from the UK’s department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), of its strategy to close all fully coal-fired power plants in the UK by 2025. This announcement has obviously been welcomed by the renewables sector, as it is another concrete commitment to greener energy in the UK. It is, however, not a hard and fast solution, as investment needs to be made elsewhere in renewables in order to account for the coal plant closures.
One option that is available to all coal-powered generators is to convert to biomass power, or to co-firing (as co-fired plants will still be allowed). Of course, converting to biomass does not come without cost, and so many coal-burners will have to make significant........  

Other News this Month Includes: 


  • UK sets out coal phase-out strategy
  • Biomass ROCs to be capped
  • Scotland announces funding for low-carbon energy
  • China plans for widespread CHP installations​


  • UK renewables generation continues rise
  • Renewables to be as cost-effective as fossil by 2020
  • UK renewables spending lags behind​

Research & Development 

  • E-Fuel releases ethanol-powered generator
  • AkzoNobel to build Hydrogen plant in bid to cut emissions​

Biomass Heat and Power

  • Drax welcomes BEIS decision on ROC cap
  • RWE requests biomass conversion for Dutch coal plants
  • EPH group acquires 2 Italian biomass plants​


  • "Dry" biogas generation process developed
  • Farm AD to contribute to Scotland's energy goals
  • Mixed outlook in European Biogas report
  • Foresight Group acquires AD portfolio
  • Veolia assists Scottish Water in becoming energy self-sufficient
  • Millerhill AD plants acquired by Ancala​

Energy from Waste

  • Key milestone for Energy Works power plant
  • Edinburgh EfW plant halfway to completion​


ROC Prices

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