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NNFCC News Review: Bioenergy Issue 118, January 2022

Category: bioenergy
Published: 18/01/2022
Author: NNFCC
Each month we review the latest news and select key announcements and commentary from across the bioenergy sector.

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As 2022 is dawning, the future is looking bright for the European renewable gas sector. In 2021, Denmark registered a record amount of biogas being supplied to its national gas network. By the end of the year, 25% of the gas supplied to the grid was biogas. This was up by 4% compared to the end of 2020. Since 2013, 51 biogas facilities have been connected to the Danish national gas grid. It is expected that by 2030, 75% of gas demand in Denmark will be met by biogas, and that 100% of the power supply will be provided by renewable gas from 2034 onwards.

On the evening of the 29th December 2021, the share of fossil-generated power in the UK grid reached almost 6% (1.7 GW), an all-time low. Renewable energies, such as biomass, wind and hydro took over coal and gas to produce as much as 65% of the country’s electricity, equivalent to 24.19 GW...

Other News this Month Includes:  


  • Biomethane industry sets European Network to facilitate tracking of renewable gas certificates
  • Green levies are currently reducing the burden on power suppliers


  • Calumet announces close of renewable hydrogen project financing
  • Energy companies Carlton Power and Stag merge to pool hydrogen expertise
  • Electricity from fossil fuels reaches all-time low in the UK

Research & Development

  • Cummins and Sinopec launch joint venture to produce green hydrogen technologies in China

Biomass Heat and Power

  • UK council to generate bioenergy from Christmas trees
  • Iona Capital invests in a new CHP energy plant


  • New record for biogas in the Danish gas system in 2021
  • Gregory Distribution grows bio-LNG fleet

Energy from Waste

  • North London Waste Authority to award a contract to build the UK’s greenest Energy Recovery Facility

Carbon Capture

  • Drax to invest £40M in next stage of the world’s largest carbon capture project
  • World’s first carbon removal plant converting wood waste to hydrogen
  • BEIS is providing £5 million in funding to support innovation in hydrogen BECCS technologies


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