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NNFCC News Review: Bioenergy Issue 88, July 2019

Category: bioenergy
Published: 18/07/2019
Author: NNFCC
Each month we review the latest news and select key announcements and commentary from across the bioenergy sector.


This month’s news review sees the UK adopt a new target for carbon emissions – now aiming for net-zero by 2050. This makes the UK the first major nation to commit to such a target, following the recent recommendation by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). Although a big step in the right direction, according to two recent reports from the CCC, the UK is not yet where it needs to be to meet previous and less stringent targets, so serious action is needed to be able to reach net-zero within the timeframe. Net-zero will require action from all sectors, including heating, farming and transport. Where carbon emissions cannot be brought down to zero, the emissions will have to be offset through carbon capture or tree planting schemes, for example. Businesses must also adapt to this changing landscape, and according to National Grid’s 2019 Future Energy Scenarios, their energy transformation is looking positive and they hope to operate the electricity system at zero-carbon by 2025 – a significant milestone. However.........  

Other News this Month Includes: 


  • UK passes net zero-emission law
  • BEIS released quarterly energy statistics
  • UK must seriously tackle climate change in 18 months
  • The REA on the CCC progress report​


  • National Grid publish 2019 Future Energy Scenarios report
  • ENGIE and Innovate UK to fund energy projects​

Research & Development

  • Funding for rural energy project feasibility studies
  • Retrofitting project kicks off in Vienna​

Biomass Heat and Power

  • Green energy plant in Wales operational


  • Manure fuels Arla trucks
  • Biomethane plant to serve 6,000 homes
  • 100% bioLPG by 2040
  • Thermal hydrolysis unit for biowaste streams operational​

Energy from Waste

  • Scotland increases food waste recycling
  • Bristol buses run on food waste
  • District heating in Helsinki​


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