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NNFCC News Review: Bioenergy Issue 75, June 2018

Category: bioenergy
Published: 26/06/2018
Author: NNFCC
Each month we review the latest news and select key announcements and commentary from across the bioenergy sector.


Here in the UK, it would appear (touch wood) that summer has finally arrived, bringing with it the usual two weeks of sun, too late for the bank holidays and too early for the time we have booked off work. It has also brought about a calmness in the weather, which is not good news for wind power. With no generation from wind over the first week of June, biomass power has been brought to the fore of renewables generation. Renewables such as wind and solar are clearly reliant on certain weather conditions, which means they are responsible for most of the fluctuations in renewables generation in the UK. Biomass, however, can generate around the clock, providing the solid foundation upon which the UK’s renewable energy generation can be built.

Biomass has also been in the spotlight from a bioenergy policy perspective, as the UK government have announced.........  

Other News this Month Includes: 


  • Tariff guarantees launched for Renewable Heat Incentive
  • UK Government's first response to CfD consultation
  • UK government publishes air quality consultation
  • UK government announces inquiry into Carbon Capture
  • UK seeks to lead Carbon Capture development​


  • How to make AD market competitive
  • New competitive funding available for UK energy developments
  • US funding for bioenergy research​

Biomass Heat and Power

  • Calm conditions see biomass at forefront of UK renewables generation
  • 4th Drax unit begins biomass conversion
  • Construction begins on energy centre at biomass CHP plant
  • 300th Rankine Cycle biomass plant commissioned​


  • Engine developed that can run on contaminated biogas
  • Severn Trent opens new Thermal Hydrolysis plant
  • Bin2Grid project sought to promote biomethane from food waste
  • AD digestate as a source of microplastic in the environment
  • Profit warning from biogas engineering firm​

Energy from Waste

  • Economic benefits of EfW policies highlighted
  • Dutch EfW plant to capture CO2 for greenhouse use​


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