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NNFCC News Review: Biofuels Issue 95, February 2020

Category: biofuels
Published: 27/02/2020
Author: NNFCC
Each month we review the latest news and select key announcements and commentary from across the biofuels sector.


The transportation industry is moving away from using petroleum as a fuel source and towards using greener alternatives. Currently in the UK, diesel has to be blended with 7% biodiesel and petrol with 5% ethanol which is a start, but looking at the longer-term it’s likely that other technologies will play a big part. We are already seeing some electric or part-electric vehicles zooming up and down the high street, but where does hydrogen fit in, and will either technologies take over from petrol or diesel? An article from Eurostar this month highlights the differences between hydrogen and electric cars and discusses their pros and cons and how they are expected to sit in the market.
Ethanol use has also been forecasted for the next couple of years by the US Energy Information Administration. Ethanol is blended into motor gasoline, and current estimates put ethanol use at 950,000 barrels per day in the US. The US is ahead of the UK on.........

Other news this month includes:


  • Agricultural Innovation Agenda to support biofuels
  • Netherlands view on palm contrasts EU
  • RED and palm oil discussions​


  • Clariant expanding oils market
  • IKEA using Neste diesel​

Research and Development

  • Understanding of biocatalyst could help fuel cells
  • Fit for ethanol production​


  • Ethanol 2020 prediction
  • Better Fuel Initiative in Minnesota​


  • B100 techonology depolyment
  • Towards sustainable diesel for Volvo​

Aviation Biofuel

  • Lavazza joins SAF programme
  • Carbon neutal airport on horizon​

Other Biofuels

  • Hydrogen fuel cell or electric?
  • Finnish biorefinery
  • EfW biofuel​

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