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NNFCC News Review: Biofuels Issue 88, July 2019

Category: biofuels
Published: 25/07/2019
Author: NNFCC
Each month we review the latest news and select key announcements and commentary from across the biofuels sector.


The aviation sector is one of the fastest growing sources of carbon emissions globally. But despite the progress seen in the past 10 years, the sector still has a way to go in order to contribute to mitigating climate change. The current market for aviation biofuels is small - hindered by a lower price of petroleum-based kerosene and a lack of industrial scale production facilities. It is good news then, that Velocys has secured funding – partly from British Airways and Shell – for its waste-to-sustainable-fuels project in Lincolnshire. Although it does not expect to be fully operational until the 2020s, it hopes to produce 20 million gallons of alternative and sustainable jet fuel annually. As well as appropriate funding, the aviation biofuels sector needs to see research on technological, societal and market development. The Bernal Institute at the University of Limerick and SkyNRG have agreed to explore.........

Other news this month includes:


  • GHG reductions from grain-based ethanol


  • Neste divests fuel retail business
  • Sustainable fuel project co-funded by BA & Shell​

Research and Development

  • Semi-continuous biodiesel developments


  • Ethanol and biogas in India
  • ArcellorMittal commences CO2 to alcohol plant construction
  • US corn-derived ETBE in Japan
  • Carbon-neutral methanol demonstration plant​


  • Biofuel produced at French biorefinery
  • Implications of imported used cooking oil for biodiesel​

Aviation Biofuel

  • Jet fuel from Norweigan biomass
  • Sustainable aviation fuel in Ireland​

Other Biofuels

  • Construction begins on hydrogen electrolysis plant
  • Government funding for electric vehicles
  • LPG industry transition to BioLPG
  • Californian grant for renewable DME​

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