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NNFCC News Review: Feedstocks - Issue 56, November 2016

Category: feedstocks
Published: 14/11/2016
Author: NNFCC
Each month we review the latest news and select key announcements and commentary on the feedstock sector.


Last month we reported on the pending ratification of the Paris Agreement. This month we can report that the agreement has been signed, sealed and ratified and the signatory countries are now committed to lowering emissions to ensure the increase in the earth’s global average temperature stays below dangerous levels. While combatting the dangers of climate change is the key driver pushing international climate policy, it forms just one segment of an energy trilemma faced by the many countries setting decarbonisation targets; with the remaining two being ensuring security of supply and affordability to consumers. Seldom does a particular feedstock or type of heat/power generation technology tick all boxes outright which is why our energy challenges are particularly tricky ones......


  • USDA to invest in expanding wood energy markets


  • Stobart Group appoints new energy CEO and reports bumper half-year pre-tax profits
  • Enviva to acquire Sampson plant from joint venture affiliates
  • New Biomass Energy obtains majority interest in Mississippi plant
  • UK wood pellet imports expected to reach new record in 2016
  • FutureMetrics offers wood pellet demand, spot pricing estimates

Research and Development

  • US Pilot Plant to pyrolyse biomass and integrate with petroleum refining
  • Total and Gates invest in Renmatix technology for biochems and biofuels
  • Algal biofuels deliver GHG savings
  • Canada Invests in Canadian Biomass and Composites Industries
  • Northern Forest Centre studies GHG impacts of wood pellet heating
  • Progress in exploiting biomass for chemicals

Wood & Crop

  • Kentucky pellet project wins $2.52 million grant
  • Where should we grow biomass for fuel?
  • North American wood supply database relaunched
  • Low impact logging for biomass utilisation benefits forest ecology
  • Bioenergy by-product to Soil Saviour
  • Drax Biomass Inc. collaborates to protect Louisiana wetlands
  • Food manufacturers unveil 2025 targets to deliver 'sustainable food system of the future
  • Corbion paper on feedstocks for bioplastics

    Other feedstocks

    • New Pöyry projection indicates 1,300GW of coal still operational globally by 2040 without radical change
    • Port of Rotterdam may host waste syngas to methanol plant
    • Hubbub & Unilever Partner to Tackle “Frightful” Pumpkin Waste


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