Dr Edward Mitchell

Edward is a Consultant at the NNFCC working on a number of public and private sector projects in the fields of biomass and bioenergy. He has authored more than ten peer-reviewed journal articles and consultancy reports in collaboration with several academic and industrial partners in the UK and abroad.

Edward joined us in 2018 after working in academia where his research focussed on biomass-for-heat conversion technologies and the effects of emissions on air quality and climate change. He has a background in engineering and holds two masters degrees and a PhD in Low Carbon Technologies. Edward has a keen interest in all areas of the bioeconomy having worked on a diverse range of projects, from the farming of seaweeds for biofuels and bioproducts, to the health implications of burning biomass in African cookstoves.  Edward is also an advocate for sustainability and environmental conservation, having organised a number of tree planting and wildflower sowing events with volunteer organisations.

Recent projects:

Evidence Gathering for Off-Gas Grid Bioenergy Heating Options

Edward was a key contributor to this project for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). He reviewed the potential of bioliquids to replace heating oil, LPG and coal as the primary heating fuels for properties that are off the gas grid. This involved an assessment of the likely emissions savings and costs, considering fuel supply chain constraints and practical issues with installation.

AD calculators

Edward looks after the NNFCC’s greenhouse gas and cost calculators for the clients working in the anaerobic digestion sector. The calculators can help AD plant operators with their sustainability criteria reporting requirements and can also help developers to understand the gas yields and prospective returns of new projects.

Prizes and awards:

  • Schlegel (UK) Engineering Prize
  • Demosthenes Protopapadakis Prize
  • Energy Institute Foxwell Memorial Prize

Featured publications:

  • E.J.S. Mitchell, G. Coulson, E. Butt, P.M. Forster, J M. Jones, A.R. Lea-Langton, A. Williams. (2017). Heating with Biomass in the UK: Lessons from New Zealand. Atmospheric Environment, 152, 431-454.
  • F.A. Atiku, E.J.S. Mitchell, A.R. Lea-Langton, J.M. Jones, A. Williams, K.D. Bartle. (2016). The Impact of Fuel Properties on the Composition of Soot Produced by the Combustion of Residential Solid Fuels in a Domestic Stove. Fuel Processing Technology, 151, 117-125.
  • D.Phillips, E.J.S. Mitchell, A.R. Lea-Langton, K.R.Parmar, J.M. Jones, A.Williams. (2016) The use of conservation biomass feedstocks as potential bioenergy resources in the United Kingdom. Bioresource Technology 212, 271-279.
  • E.J.S. Mitchell., A. Williams, A.R. Lea-Langton, J.M. Jones., R. Johnson, P. Layden. (2015). The Impact of Fuel Properties on the Emissions from the Combustion of Biomass and other Solid Fuels in a Fixed Bed Domestic Stove. Fuel Processing Technology 142, 115-123.
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