Dr Gillian Finnerty

Gillian is a consultant at NNFCC, currently working on mainly bioenergy and anaerobic digestion related projects. Since joining the NNFCC in July 2020, her main focus has been on the Circular Malton project in collaboration with the York and North Yorkshire LEP and the Horizon 2020 EU project BeonNAT, as well as a bioenergy feasibility study for a large industrial partner. Gill also has a special interest in biomass heat including district heating. 

Gillian’s background includes a Masters degree in Physics and Astrophysics at the University of Sheffield after a love of astronomy developed in high school. Her passion since turned towards reducing the impact of climate change as it became a more prominent issue during her years at Sheffield. She therefore decided to do a CDT (Centre for Doctorial Training) in Bioenergy at the University of Leeds upon graduating with a Physics degree to enable a change in her career focus and gain a PhD.

Her Bioenergy PhD at the University of Leeds focused on the hydrothermal carbonisation of seaweed co-blended with terrestrial biomass, and subsequent anaerobic digestion of the aqueous by-products. Her second Masters degree in Renewable Technologies was based on hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae and macroalgae, and on the potential of using different grades of waste wood as a source of biomass.