Sotiris Sourmelis

Sotiris is a Consultant. He joined us having graduated with a Master’s degree in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London.

Since joining, Sotiris has become a key contributor in the Agrocycle project, funded by Horizon 2020, which aims to improve the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of agricultural production systems, through the sustainable utilisation of agricultural wastes, co-products and by-products (AWCB). His contribution concerns the development and evaluation of business models applicable to the Agrocycle project’s technical outcomes.

Sotiris believes that there is a tremendous need for circular and bioeconomy solutions due to resource scarcity, and that is the reason why he focuses his research on this emerging field. During his studies, Sotiris participated in the Veolia Waste Management project which involved a waste management system optimization proposal as well as the identification of investment opportunities for Veolia. Moreover, he carried out research on how circular economy principles can be implemented in the case of coffee cups, proposing alternative courses of action to tackle the problem with coffee cup disposal.