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  • State aid: Commission authorises UK Capacity Market electricity generation scheme

    28 Jul 2014

    - Press Release - Brussels, 23 July 2014 -

    The European Commission has concluded that the proposed UK Capacity Market is in line with EU state aid rules.

  • Drax Claim Victory in High Court Ruling

    28 Jul 2014

    The Drax Group is celebrating victory after the High Court ruled in its favour yesterday.

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  • Launch of scientific calculator that investigates the impact on carbon emissions of biomass sourced from North America to produce electricity.

    24 Jul 2014

    - Press Release - London - July 24th 2014 -

    A scientific calculator has been developed that investigates the impact on carbon emissions of biomass sourced from North America to produce electricity.

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  • Review of Fourth Carbon Budget results in no change.

    22 Jul 2014

    The Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change has today announced that a Government review into the Fourth Carbon Budget has resulted in the decision to keep to targets agreed in 2011.

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  • NGB launches Archemax® anaerobic digester

    14 Jul 2014

    For over ten years, NNFCC has been involved in driving the UK bioeconomy forward, supporting funding of research and development projects on bioeconomy technology.

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  • EU and Industry Partners Launch €3.7 Billion Investments in the Renewable Bio-based Economy

    09 Jul 2014

    Press Release - Brussels - 9 July 2014

    EU and industry leaders have today launched a new European Joint Undertaking on Bio-based Industries (BBI). The aim is to trigger investments and create a competitive market for bio-based products and materials sourced locally and "Made in Europe", tackling some of Europe’s biggest societal challenges.

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  • Government issues a response to Plastic Bag Inquiry

    02 Jul 2014

    With an estimated 100 billion plastic bags used in the EU every year, it is believed that plastic waste is one of the worst environmental problems faced by the region, contributing to 70% of marine pollution.

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  • NNFCC assists Celtic Renewables in partnership with Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

    25 Jun 2014

    Press Release - Edinburgh (UK), Ghent (Be), York (UK) - 25th June 2014

    Celtic Renewables, the Edinburgh-based biofuel company, has signed an agreement with the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BBEPP) to undergo next stage testing of its process to turn whisky by-products into biofuel that can power current vehicles.

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  • ePURE Report assesses State of the Ethanol Industry

    24 Jun 2014

    The European Renewable Ethanol Industry Association (ePURE) has published a comprehensive report on the state of the European ethanol industry.

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  • Government issues response to Select Committee's 'Waste or Resource? Stimulating a bioeconomy' Report

    19 Jun 2014

    The Government has published its response to the Lords Science and Technology Select Committee’s report Waste or resource? Stimulating a bioeconomy.

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  • BDC Capital Grant Scheme

    10 Jun 2014

    The Biorenewables Capital Grants Scheme (BCGS), part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), aims to drive innovation and new economic activity by supporting local businesses working with bio-based materials (including plant, food or feed wastes) to invest in capital equipment.

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  • Innovation in on-farm small scale AD

    03 Jun 2014

    Ahead of the UK’s only dedicated anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas trade show, UK AD & Biogas 2014, on 2-3 July at the NEC its organisers, the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association (ADBA) reviews innovations in small scale on-farm AD.

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  • Municipal Solid Waste: Using Our Refuse

    20 May 2014

    Nexant’s report entitled, Municipal Solid Waste: Using Our Refuse, provides a comprehensive guide into a wide variety of aspects of MSW and characterizes the sources and current dispositions of MSW and trends, reviews policy and economic trends that are affecting the composition of the waste stream globally, and explores waste management strategies that will reduce the dependence on traditional landfilling and incineration.

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  • Cellulac first to produce Lactic Acid for Bioplastics from Deproteinized Whey in continuous production runs

    19 May 2014

    Press Release - Cambridge, UK - 19 May 2014

    Cellulac, the industrial biochemicals company is delighted to announce the world’s first ever industrial level continuous production of lactic acid from deproteinized lactose whey.  Our 10 day production run concluded this week and delivered optically pure D(-) Lactic Acid suitable for conversion to bioplastics.

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  • Interview: John Baldwin, CNG Services Ltd.

    10 Apr 2014

    In each issue of the Newsletter we feature an expert voice from the bio-based economy. In this issue, we talk exclusively to John Baldwin, managing director of CNG Services Ltd.

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  • Anaerobic Digestion Deployment in the United Kingdom 2014

    09 Apr 2014

    - Press release - York, UK, 09 April 2014 -

    Today, NNFCC has announced the publication of a definitive report on Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Deployment in the UK.

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  • Potential Market for AD and Biogas

    04 Apr 2014

    With the first FIT degression applied as of Tuesday [1 April] it is encouraging that the Green Investment Bank will be reiterating its support for the AD and biogas industry and discussing the potential for the market at the UK’s biggest biogas event.

    Partha Vasudev, Vice President Waste & Bioenergy, Green Investment Bank (GIB), has been confirmed to speak at the ADBA organised annual trade show, UK AD & Biogas 2014 (2-3 July).

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  • Gas Vector Transitions Pathways Development Project

    18 Mar 2014

    The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is seeking partners to help develop a project to assess the potential for different gases to supply energy across the UK.

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  • Advanced biofuels offer significant economic gains

    26 Feb 2014

    Press Release - York -26th February 2014

    Expansion in the use of biofuels driven by the European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED) has led to concerns that this may be contributing to deforestation and land use change.

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  • Interview: Dr. Celia Caulcott, BBSRC

    24 Feb 2014

    The BBSRC with partners has recently launched the IB Catalyst, how does this initiative change the UK landscape for funding Industrial Biotechnology?

    Bioscience has an immense capability to transform current industrial processes and products, and to lead to novel ones in the future. The UK has an outstanding opportunity to build on its world-leading bioscience research base to achieve this, but such transformation is highly disruptive , and needs support from funding bodies such as the Research Councils and Technology Strategy Board (TSB).  The IB Catalyst offers a single, joined-up approach to supporting research and development scientists in academia and industry to work together to bring bioscience into industrial practice.

    The IB Catalyst brings together three funding agencies, what are the benefits of this tripartite collaboration?

    Industrial biotechnology is not just about bioscience, but is about bioscience integrated with the physical and engineering sciences. It is not just about the development of research ideas, it is also about application and demonstration in an industrial context. Bringing together the three key funders of research and demonstration in these areas - BBSRC, TSB and EPSRC – provides a funding environment that will support this collaborative approach, in particular seeking to integrate all these approaches from as early in projects as is possible

    Combined how do see the Catalyst and the new Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy supporting collaboration and innovation?

    Together the Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (BBSRC NIBB) and the IB Catalyst start to build an ‘ecosystem’- an environment – that will actively bring together researchers from all areas, academic and industrial, bioscience and the physical sciences, economists and social scientists too.  This is vital, because so often innovation happens at the interfaces and overlaps between subjects and disciplines, and also between purposes (such as academic research and industry).  That collaborative, boundary-crossing environment is a significant contributor to supporting innovation.  The IB Catalyst itself will also support collaboration and innovation: it is designed to encourage the application of exciting and new ways of doing science to solving industrial problems and challenges.  I suppose we would see that as innovation in action.

    Industrial Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology are closely linked: how is the BBSRC working to ensure that funding in the two areas are aligned?

    Synthetic biology is a way of doing biology, a new set of tools that can be used in addressing bioscience challenges and topics wherever it is appropriate.  It builds on the tremendous advances we have achieved in bioscience through systems and structural biology and, more recently, genomics.  We expect to see synthetic biology approaches and tools used in IB as well as other areas of strategic importance to BBSRC.  It is not so much a question of alignment as of evolution – we look to see researchers developing synthetic biology approaches and then deploying these in other research areas. 

    The BBSRC is placing an increasing emphasis on industrial biotechnology as key science area, how do you see IB market developing in the UK?

    The Industrial Biotechnology Leadership Forum (IBLF) has set out the possibilities for the UK in growing industrial biotechnology from a value of around £4bn per annum to £12bn pa by 2025.  BBSRC and its partners in the IB Catalyst recognise that there is real potential for such growth of the IB market in the UK, and potentially more, provided we can bring bioscience into industrial processes to transform them, rather as bioscience has already transformed the pharmaceuticals sector through the introduction of biopharmaceutical products.

    Many countries are supporting IB development, how is the BBSRC supporting international collaborations in the IB area?

    BBSRC has a number of approaches to supporting international collaborations in the IB area.  We support a number of ERA Nets including ones in bioenergy and industrial biotechnology.  We also have a programme of International Partnership Awards that support collaboration between UK researchers and overseas researchers.  A number of these are focused on IB topics.  We see building links between UK researchers and a number of international partners as very important, and one that we will be focusing on in coming time including countries such as India, China, Japan and Brazil.

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