BioBase4SME Workshop: Environmental assessment of biobased products: Mainstreaming LCA for SMEs

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Biobased products and biotechnological processes MAY have a potential to be environment friendly, but are they always as green as one can think? How to evaluate how green biobased products are? How to make them greener?

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is probably the most appropriate tool for that!

LCA considers the interactions between a product and the environment along its whole life cycle, from raw material production to end-of-life, and evaluates potential environmental impacts on a multicriteria basis. This approach enables to avoid solving one environmental problem by creating a new one, and can be applied even at early stages of product development to support a real eco-design strategy.

Join us in Brussels, June 28th, at the BioBase4SME LCA workshop, and find out some answers to these questions:

  • Why should I prove it’s green? It’s bio!
  • How can my SME afford a LCA study?
  • How to “speak LCA” with my partners along the supply chain?
  • Are there specific guidelines for evaluating the environmental impacts of my biobased product?
  • Could this approach result in economic benefits for my SME?

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