With a diverse background, we have the ability to deliver strategic and practical expertise for producers, processors and end-users of feedstock from agriculture, forestry, municipal and industrial wastes. Resource assessments have been undertaken across all feedstock types for developers, investors and national Government; identifying and addressing risks and providing confidence to enable projects and policies to get off the ground. We also advise on handling, storage and conversion to ensure raw materials are efficiently and sustainably sourced, technically compatible and economically robust.


Based on the company’s origin as a National Centre and adviser to UK Government, and having been involved in the development of the current bioeconomy policies, we are in an unrivaled position to offer advice to public and private sector clients on the current and developing policy landscape. We are frequently called upon to provide independent evidence to support policy reviews and consultations. We also have experience of overseas policies through involvement in EU-funded projects. We support clients in navigating the complex matrix of policies and financial support schemes, and have successfully prepared applications to secure accreditation for our clients in record time.


Our team has a broad blend of skills and industrial backgrounds spanning the bioeconomy, including chemistry, physics, engineering, materials science, biology, crop science, agricultural production and land use. This breadth supports our ability to undertake techno-economic assessments in biofuels, bioenergy, bio-based products and materials sectors. Ensuring compatibility with regulations and support- or funding-schemes, maximising returns, systems integration and optimising performance are fundamental to our core business. Our direct involvement with developers enables us to keep at the forefront of new developments.


One of our core strengths is our extensive network and resultant comprehensive market knowledge. We undertake market surveys, deliver bespoke market reports for public and private sector clients, and publish annual market reports in dynamic sectors. We take a multi-faceted approach to market research, providing crucial knowledge to investors, developers and suppliers. Our methods include desk-based research, direct regular contact with stakeholders and participation in industry conferences, exhibitions and expert working groups. We also work with clients to identify business strengths, develop new business models and identify opportunities for further value creation.


Having been involved with the development and implementation of sustainability standards and regulations in the energy and materials sectors, we are supporting clients and policy makers with life cycle assessments (LCA), specific greenhouse gas (GHG) calculations, data gathering and reporting, and more strategic sustainability assessments which contribute to improved corporate social responsibility (CSR). A broader bioeconomy strategy is fundamental to sustainable development and we are working with industry, government and overseas authorities to encourage and influence a more strategic approach in the UK.

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