Valuable chemicals from sugar beet pulp

Significant amounts of sugar beet pulp either pressed or dried, are produced worldwide every year. At present the majority of it is used in relatively low added value products such as animal feed and energy production. Therefore, there is significant potential for the production of higher value-added biobased polymers and chemicals from this by-product.

The client, an Indian sugar producer, was interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the options for processing their sugar beet pulp to value added polymers and chemicals. Key considerations were product options, technology choices and the limitations and economics which determine the market potential for biobased chemicals.

NNFCC was commissioned to explore and identify potential opportunities for the valorisation of sugar beet pulp.

Firstly, NNFCC performed a review to identify the commercial and near-to-market products resulting from the valorisation of sugar beet pulp. NNFCC used internal knowledge and internet searches to compile a list of key stakeholders, including technology developers, and reviewed the status, scale and outputs of their project(s).

Subsequently, NNFCC performed an analysis to assess the attractiveness of the various chemicals identified in the context of the client’s geographical location and end markets for the chemicals (application areas and drivers behind a switch to bio-based chemicals).

As a result of the work, the client achieved a clear understanding of the products (chemicals and polymers) that can be derived from sugar beet pulp, and which of the opportunities are more suitable for them. The information provided will be used to inform the client’s future business development and collaboration strategies.


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