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Tees Valley as a Biorefinery Cluster

Category: feedstocks,bioenergy,biobased,biorefining,biofuels
Published: 01/11/2016
Author: NNFCC
This report explores the opportunities for biorefinery development in the Tees Valley area of the United Kingdom, and the key ways biorefining can be integrated into the local economy.


  • Appraisal of available feedstock and future opportunities in Tees Valley and the north east
  • Investigation of existing bioeconomy activity in the area 
  • Discussion of available biorefining opportunities
  • Definitive ranking of opportunities by techno-economic and market attractiveness

Reasons to read

  • To inform biorefinery investors of the available opportunities in the Tees Valley area
  • To advise policy makers in the area on the best ways to encourage biorefinery investment in the area
  • To highlight feasible areas for future biobased chemicals development in the area

Number of pages: 54

Accessibility: This item is freely available


The north-east of England has  developed into a hub for biomass import, and so if this level of import can be turned into demand then the region could significantly establish itself in the biorefining sector. Here, we analyse the opportunities for biorefining in the region.

The north-east has a large amount of available biomass for use as feedstock for biorefining, but the majority is in waste streams, making it difficult to obtain the large volumes required to serve the bulk chemical market, but the levels of biomass import might go some way to mitigate this. There is also opportunity for thermochemical processing, which deals better with mixed feedstocks, but has thus far not been used for biorefining in the region.

This report first identifies the candidate chemicals for biorefining in the region, before ranking each of them in terms of techno-economic attractiveness (ability to provide a financial return based on current development levels) and market opportunity (level of market interest, as well as available opportunity for incorporation in the Tees Valley). Actions are then suggested to make the most of those opportunities to raise Teesside's industry profile and encourage investment.


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