UK Biomethane Market Entry Strategy

A leading global gas trading company approached NNFCC to explore opportunities in the UK biomethane market, in both the heat and transport sectors, to inform their investment strategy. NNFCC used in-house expertise in the UK biomethane supply chain as well as valuable insights from well-known stakeholders to prepare a report that:

  • described key policies, regulations, and major drivers for biomethane development in the UK,
  • quantified the current and future size and value of the UK biomethane market,
  • presented the UK biomethane trading system along with a comparison of revenue streams from accessing different markets, and
  • mapped out existing biomethane trade flows by identifying key players in the supply chain (e.g. producers, suppliers, and users), and
  • informed the client’s market entry strategy, by evaluating different biomethane investment options and business models using the SWOT analysis tool.

Following NNFCC recommendations, the gas trader is pursuing opportunities in the UK and planning their next steps into the biomethane market together with our team of experts. 


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