AD Market Entry Support

The UK anaerobic digestion (AD) industry has emerged and expanded rapidly over the past decade, influenced ultimately by waste and renewable energy policies, and the financial support mechanisms implemented in the UK to encourage uptake and set the UK on track to meet our national targets for heat, power and transport fuels and the wider Net Zero ambition.

With over 650 operational AD facilities, and a subset of 100 of those injecting biomethane into the national gas grid across the UK, the industry has moved from emerging to firmly established in recent years, but still vast improvements can be made. As a result of declining support, feedstock competition and increased operational costs the industry is looking closely at other revenue streams and focussing interests on improving system performance, streamlining activities and associated services, and reducing both capital and operational costs where possible to deliver greater returns.

There is a significant and timely opportunity to radically assess and influence the future shape of the industry, and to revolutionise the way in which systems operate through more innovative business models and service provision. With an unrivalled knowledge of the UK AD market, NNFCC has supported many businesses as they look to enter into or expand in the market, to diversify current activities and to grasp new opportunities.

NNFCC was engaged by an overseas corporate investor looking to appraise their own business strengths in relation to the UK AD market, to develop strategic partnerships with established businesses, and to identify acquisition targets to enable future business growth in the AD sector.  The team worked through a number of tasks, collating data and mapping opportunities, before prioritising options and making introductions to facilitate business growth and investment.

NNFCC holds comprehensive datasets of operational and planned AD and composting facilities, feedstock arisings and availability, and key stakeholders, to support the delivery of such engagements. Key personnel continue to work for such businesses on a retained basis, to support the delivery of a market entry strategy and to bring inward investment to the UK.


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