Biomass fractionation technology landscape assessment

NNFCC were approached by a biobased polymer producer to undertake a technology landscape assessment, focusing on biomass fractionation and pre-treatment processes. The client aims to develop new environmentally friendly polymers, building-blocks and formulations to be used in the field of fibre-reinforced composites, insulating polyurethane foams and CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers). 

The objective of this piece of work was to provide a technology landscape review, as the client was considering diversifying their activities. NNFCC reviewed the development of pre-treatment and fractionation technologies, highlighting ones which had reached TRL 6 and above, and evaluated the market opportunity for the resulting chemicals, materials and fuels. As a result, NNFCC provided important information for the future long-term development of the client’s business and value chain.