Industrial Biotechnology Catalyst

The IB Catalyst supports research and development into the processing and production of materials, chemicals (including pharmaceutical precursors and biopharmaceuticals) and bioenergy, as well as the development and commercialisation of innovative IB processes to manufacture a wide range of existing and new products through collaborative and non-collaborative research grants.

As IB Catalyst Coordinator, Adrian Higson is available to support the development of IB related research projects and provide direction relating to the funding opportunities across BBSRC, EPSRC and Innovate UK. The IB Catalyst Coordinator is also responsible for the monitoring of the ongoing development of the Translation Stream grants.

Through joint funding from Innovate UK, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), the IB Catalyst has committed over £76M across 82 projects spanning the five challenge areas below.

  • Production of fine and speciality chemicals and natural products (e.g. fragrances, flavours, pharmaceutical intermediates)
  • Production of commodity, platform and intermediate chemicals and materials (e.g. plastics, resins, silks)
  • Production of liquid and gaseous biofuels
  • Production of peptides and proteins (e.g. enzymes, antibiotics, recombinant biologics)Novel or improved upstream or downstream processes to reduce costs or improve efficiency in industrial biotechnology applications

The funders have no immediate plans for a further round of IB Catalyst. This is following a review of individual Delivery Plans and budget allocations. The first four rounds of Catalyst funding will be reviewed as they progress, and the funders remain committed to supporting the development of the UK industrial biotechnology sector while future funding for the Catalyst is explored.

More information is available from the BBSRC.

For further information, please contact Dr Adrian Higson, NNFCC Managing Director 

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