Regulatory Landscape Assessment of Shellfish Waste

Pennotec commissioned NNFCC to perform a regulatory review on the use of shellfish waste in the production of speciality chemicals. Pennotec uses a biotechnological process for the extraction of chitin from shellfish waste, replacing existing chemical routes.

NNFCC carried-out a regulatory landscape assessment for Pennotec​ as they wished to understand the barriers, if any, linked to the commercialisation of products generated from crab shell waste in the UK. NNFCC identified the conditions under which an animal by-product (ABP) such as crab shell waste can be used in a commercial process. Furthermore, it was determined how the commercialisation of the marketable shell-derived products would be affected. NNFCC reviewed relevant UK and EU regulation and legislation applying to the use of ABP, AD and feedstock use. Interviews ​with waste treatment plants, policy makers and fisheries were carried out to determine whether Pennotec could potentially offer a superior treatment route for shellfish waste in the UK. To complement this piece of work, NNFCC carried-out market research on ​Pennotec's primary process by-products, calcium lactate and asthaxanthin-rich proteins.