Market Review for Biobased Molecules

Plaxica has developed a robust process for the production of mixed sugars from a waste stream produced by the dissolving pulp industry: pre-hydrolysis liquor. The process, referenced as the Xylex technology, is able to separate hemicellulose from lignin via extractive hydrolysis using sulfuric acid and butanol. The Xylex technology allows high lignin removal efficacy and converts hemicellulose to a mixture of C5 and C6 sugars.

NNFCC worked with Plaxica to identify near-term commercial potential for other bio-based molecules accessible from mixed sugars. Furthermore, NNFCC identified future product developers with a possible interest and the potential to utilise mixed sugar feedstock over the next two years. NNFCC collated and reviewed published data and information on the production and sale of a list of 10 molecules identified by Plaxica. It reviewed the markets linked to the molecule list identified including information on production technology and its associated TRL, potential production volumes, price and access from C5 sugars.

“The study has identified several potential partners with fermentation or chemical technologies to produce high value products from mixed sugar feedstock. The work has also allowed Plaxica to rank these products in order of priority, based on commercial attraction (e.g. market value, market size) and technology readiness levels.”  Ed Marshall, CEO, Plaxica.