Financial support scheme accreditation & compliance

All applications to UK government financial support schemes for producing renewable heat and power must go through Ofgem, the regulatory authority. This can be an arduous and daunting process, but the NNFCC can provide expert help with every step of that process, as we have proven industry knowledge and experience.

Each scheme (Feed-In Tariff, Renewable Obligation, Renewable Heat Incentive) comes with its own accompanying guidance and supporting material (and usually a lot of it); our consultants know this guidance inside out and can provide potential applicants with distilled versions so they only get the information they need. Our knowledge of regulation and policy is also well-honed, allowing us to quickly inform clients on what they need to be able to provide for their application. This results in our clients being able to submit their applications very quickly, and with peace-of-mind, knowing that everything has been covered, including any supporting documentation and Greenhouse Gas calculations and methodologies, as we are able to assist with these also, thanks to our dedicated carbon calculator tool.

Even after your application is submitted, we won’t stop helping: after the application is made, it goes through a technical review with Ofgem; through our experience we know many of the reviewers and thus are experienced dealing with them. We will also handle directly and efficiently any technical queries the review throws up. We will also keep an eye on Ofgem during this review process to ensure they are doing all they can to get the application through as quickly as possible. All of this combined has resulted in our excellent track record of getting applicants through the process as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Following accreditation, plants receiving support must periodically submit their meter readings, feedstock declarations and GHG emissions data (for all non-waste feedstocks) to Ofgem to ensure they remain compliant; we will also assist with this process, ensuring no project is left stranded by us after gaining certification.

One such example would be Springvale Energies Ltd, whom we have assisted with two FIT applications and an RHI application. All of their applications went smoothly, and we offered post-accreditation support to ensure they remained compliant: we provided them with a “cheat sheet” to make submitting their quarterly reports as streamlined a process as possible, and we also performed their GHG calculations using our specialist tool. Their testimony can be found below:

“Springvale Energies Ltd employed NNFCC to apply for the full FIT accreditation, for which was successful in completing the application in record time. NNFCC supported us throughout the process in a very efficient and professional manner, we would strongly recommend this company to everyone, and we are employing the company again for our next accreditation.” Nigel Bloom, Director, Springvale Energies Ltd."