Biobased Solvent Market Research

NNFCC worked together with Circa Group Ltd on a detailed project, delivering to Circa extensive market research for its core product, Cyrene®. Cyrene® is alternative polar aprotic solvent to NMP, which is derived from saw dust using Circa’s proprietary Furacel™ technology. The SME required a piece of market research to identify and quantify the market opportunities linked with the replacement of solvents which are or are suspected to be substances of very high concern (SVHC) under the REACH legislation. NNFCC gathered the following information on each solvent:

  • the selling price
  • the current and forecast market volumes by application and region
  • the key competitors, distributors and end-users
  • existing commercial solvent alternatives and their suitability

The above data was used to determine the addressable market for each solvent and draw a priorities list including promising markets and further actions required to break into these markets. As a result, the work carried-up by NNFCC has allowed Circa and its value chain to priorities research for a few numbers of chemicals and applications, accelerating the commercialisation of Cyrene® in end-user applications.

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