Protein feedstock assessment to support scale-up of protein based biodegradable film

A commercial client who has developed a material process using engineered protein, commissioned NNFCC to review the protein supply landscape in the UK. The client recognized that with successful uptake and product roll-out, significant amounts of plant protein feedstock would be required, while addressing any potential sustainability concerns.   

The client wished to understand the potential to scale-up its current use of pea protein both significantly and domestically. Given any potential limits, the client also wished to gain insight into opportunities provided by the wider plant-based protein market. 

The project examined: 

  • the current UK and EU pea market, trends, pricing, production volumes by market type and supply chains.  
  • availability of alternative plant-based proteins and sources arising from food process by-products.
  • potential of novel crop proteins and non-plant protein from fermentation and insect production routes. 
  • analysis of opportunities out to 2030 and 2040 accounting for competing markets and other supply or logistical issues.  


A complete picture of the protein market was built, examining sources and use of protein isolates in both the food and feed sectors. 

As a result of NNFCC’s work, the client had greater confidence in their understanding of the protein market and availability to meet their needs as well as a better understanding of the need for future diversification of supply to keep up with their aspirations for planned scale up.  


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