Waste Gasification Feasibility Study

An international waste handling company with investments in gasification, wished to understand the technical, economic and regulatory feasibility of producing advanced biofuels and/or chemical products via waste gasification in support of its medium to long term strategic development plans. NNFCC undertook a review of the primary ‘advanced fuel’ opportunities (for Fischer Tropsch, ethanol (including ATJ), hydrogen, methanol and BioSNG) and that of down-stream derivatives for renewable material applications. Data was collated on current market exploitation, key producers/stakeholders, technologies applied, competing technologies and status, scales of operation and key sites of production.  European and national biofuel support schemes and typical financial rewards available for key fuels were defined.  Structured 1:1 interviews were held with key fuel interests to gain insight on commonality of views and degree of agreement with the conclusions drawn by the NNFCC team. The analysis indicated where the client’s fuels would fit within the identified demand and how competitor fuels would be expected to develop along with the resulting demand gap and market opportunity out to 2032.  The opportunities for each fuel type were individually addressed and compared through a SWOT analysis to provide an overall recommendation in each case and a verdict as to the relative priority the client should put into further development in each case and the next steps required to progress opportunities and relevant contacts.


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