Healthy and sustainable diets: The role of animal-derived foods

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05/12/2023 - 05/12/2023

London, UK

Healthy and sustainable diets: The role of animal-derived foods

Animal-derived foods (milk and dairy, meat, fish and eggs) offer primary sources of essential nutrients some of which are not readily available in plant-based foods. These foods play an important role across every stage of life, including childhood, adolescence, pregnancy and lactation, and older age. However, consumer concerns around their carbon footprint to produce animal-derived foods, animal welfare in intensive livestock production systems, and dietary patterns (such as vegetarianism and veganism) are primary drivers for the reduction of consumption in animal products; and increasingly their replacement with plant-based alternatives, particularly in developed countries. Affordability and availability challenges also favour a low intake of animal-derived foods in many developing countries.

This event will address issues around the role of, and the balance between, animal-derived foods and plant-based alternatives in human diets and provide evidence on how we can develop and promote healthy, sustainable, and accessible diets for different consumer demographics and dietary patterns.

The event is intended to broker links between science, agriculture, food, nutrition and health industries, with a target audience of academics, students and early-career researchers across all these fields; stakeholders across the food chain including farmers, agricultural consultants and managers, food manufacturers and product developers, nutrition and health consultants and professionals, marketing and retailers; policy-makers; and consumers, as well as the public who are seeking evidence-based information around health and sustainable diets.

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