Optimising your AD Plant

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14/03/2017 - 14/03/2017

Selby, United Kingdom

Optimising your AD Plant

Join BioVale for a free half-day workshop looking at the latest ideas and technologies to explore how you can get the best from your AD plant, maximising your performance and minimising your problems. The workshop is followed by an optional networking lunch. You can also join a tour of Amur's AD plant.

The event is suitable for interested parties including: developers, operators, investors, farmers, local authorities and regulatory bodies.

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This event is organised by BioVale's Anaerobic DigestionSpecial Interest Group (AD SIG) in association with Amur, strategic business partners of NNFCC. The AD SIG serves those with an interest in the AD sector in the Yorkshire and Humber area. By registering for this event, you will automatically become a member of BioVale and receive the BioVale newsletter via email. Further details here on membership and terms and conditions.

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