Is the time right for small-scale AD?

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Leeds, United Kingdom

Is the time right for small-scale AD?

Conventional wisdom has been that – when it comes to commercially viable anaerobic digestion – bigger is better. But this may be changing, with increasing interest in small and micro-scale AD plants that can be used to charge farm vehicles or deal with domestic waste. What’s more, from 2020, the Government’s Smart Export Guarantee will help ensure that AD plants up to 5MW are paid for exporting to the grid.

This free-of-charge meeting will explore what the future might look like for small-scale AD (under 2 MW) and should be of interest to the farming, food manufacturing, food retail, and local government sectors. It is combined with a networking session and an optional a site visit to Beechgrove Farm, a dairy farm with small-scale AD.

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Lucy Hopwood, Lead Consultant for Bioenergy, will be speaking at this event.