Biobased packaging and the organics recycling industry

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This latest article explores the current UK composting industry, looking at available certifications and infrastructure, and addressing widespread misconceptions about compostability.

‘Home composting is not an effective or environmentally beneficial waste processing method for biodegradable or compostable packaging in the UK’. This is the conclusion of a recent study from UCL, which is sending ripples across the compostable plastics and packaging industry.

The study engaged with citizens in the UK to test the performance of some home compostable materials. The report points to confusion among the public about labelling, as some of the materials used were labelled as ‘industrially compostable’ or had no certification at all. As a result, unsurprisingly, not all of the materials composted in the public’s home composting systems and inevitably is now causing distrust and apprehension across the whole composting sector.  Several companies have already chosen to move away from compostable materials, such as Abel and Cole opting to remove compostable packaging in their fruit and veg boxes. Even the UK environment minister says that government support is better suited to recycling or reusable plastics instead of compostable.

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This article was written by Polly Hanson, Consultant.

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