Consusmer Purchasing and Green Claims

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Increasing the amount of biobased products available and broadening the availability of sustainable buying options is all well and good, but understanding how they are received by the public is key to their continued uptake.

To understand consumer purchasing decisions, there needs to be an understanding of what motivates people to shop sustainably, and how they make decisions about buying. If consumers are willing to spend a little extra money on biobased products, what do they need to see? Trying to shop more sustainably can be hindered by confusing descriptors and a lack of understanding or confidence in the product. The whole bioeconomy sector has an opportunity, and a responsibility, to understand how and why consumers spend their money on biobased. 

Motivations for Green Purchasing

People increasingly want to be able to make sustainable choices. There can be many reasons why consumers want to use their hard-earned cash to buy more sustainable products. Perceived consumer effectiveness is one of the most studied variables – which is the extent to which the consumer believes they are influencing positive change with their purchase. There is also a correlation between the ethical values of the consumer and their attitudes towards green products. In addition, social norms help to change purchasing behaviours – friends or peers buying greener is a motivator to do the same.

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This article was written by Polly-Ann Hanson, Research Analyst at NNFCC.

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